About the Con$umer Guy

Since 1989 Ellis Levinson has been informing – and entertaining – audiences as a consumer reporter. A former standup comedian, Ellis joined ABC's Home Show, where he created his Con$umer Guy
® persona. Most recently, Ellis was the Consumer Guy® on KNTV (now NBC 11) in the San Francisco Bay Area. He won the Northern California Radio Television News Directors Association Award for Best Investigative Reporting for his report, " Taxes You Shouldn't Pay."

The Con$umer Guy® shows his audiences what it takes to create retail customer appeal by getting managers and staff to think like the consumers they're supposed to be serving. Using lots of humor, Ellis gets participants to enter into the mindset of the customer. Ellis's motto is, "Whoever holds the money has the power."


Hey! Look!
I'm the cover-boy for the premiere issue of
Inside South Valley
(January/February 2004)!




Hiring Contractors


The Con$umer Guys book, Hiring Contractors Without Going Through Hell, (Walker & Company, New York) is now in its 8th printing.

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