Ellis’s Book

"The seven chapters are sprinkled with anecdotes and case studies that walk the reader through the jungle of home improvement contracting. Hiring Contractors Without Going Through Hell unravels many of the myths, scams, and questions homeowners face in the unending battle to repair and improve with the help of contractors. Veterans and first-timers will appreciate Levinson's clear approach to contractor consumerism."

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"Ellis Levinson's Hiring Contractors Without Going Through Hell (Walker and Company) describes the process in gory, but helpful detail, with enough blood-curdling "Scams and Nightmares" in his final chapter to make Stephen King proud."

Metropolitan Home


"His 174-page book is spiced with humor.
Personal anecdotes abound
and each (chapter) opens with a joke.
It's a great informational book."

The Fresno Bee


The Con$umer Guy's book, Hiring Contractors Without Going Through Hell, (Walker & Company, New York) is now in its 8th printing.

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