Media Consulting


As a veteran television journalist with a reputation for connecting with both audiences and interview subjects, The Consumer Guy knows what it takes for your staff members to connect with the camera, the microphone and the interviewer in any given situation.
Pick the sound bites you want to get into the story instead of having the reporter do it.

  •       Overcoming fear of the microphone and camera
  •       Answering long questions with concise sound bites that won’t be chopped up in editing
  •       Phrasing information so you won’t sound d-u-u-ull.

A typical training workshop consists of:

  •       Interview preparation techniques  

  •       Pre-interview coaching
  •       A mock on-camera interview
  •       An actual on-camera interview
  •       Analysis of the taped interview
  •       A follow-up interview with critiquing.

You’ll learn techniques for:

  •       Controlling the interviewing process to meet your needs  

  •       Putting yourself and your interviewer at ease even when you feel the interview might be confrontive.

Interviews are conducted in front of coworkers or in private, as needs demand.
You’ll learn in a nurturing, low-pressure and fun environment with your professional self-assurance and success as our only goals.
Additional Event Services Offered by Ellis Levinson:

  •       Master of Ceremonies – With many years under his belt as a standup comedian, Ellis is uniquely equipped to host your next celebration.

  •       Put-On Presentations® – Ellis has fooled entire sales meetings with his Put-Ons as an executive or consultant.


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