The IRS is trying to give away more than $150 million

What? The Internal Revenue Service wants to give away money? Well, sort of. For tax year 2010, about 100,000

Dollar bills


taxpayers screwed up the mailing addresses on their tax returns. As of last summer, the Treasury Department had about $153 million lying about that should be refunded. That adds up to about $1,530 per return.You can check out whether you are entitled to a refund at or call 800 829-1954.Good luck. And let us know if you are a “winner.”***********************The Consumer Gal and I just had our book, Enough of Us – which deals with other subject matter – published. Now we have to focus on marketing our “baby.” So for thetime being, I will be suspending my semi-monthly Consumer Guy full-length blog posts and, instead, providing  brief consumer tips..

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